Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Pacifica Sucks. Yours Probably Does, Too

I'm a life-long Chrysler consumer. Staying loyal to the brand, I purchased a Pacifica.

Since purchasing it, I've experienced numerous problems, big and small. Define big, you say?

*My car quit running while going 79 miles per hour on the expressway. Frequently. Initially I was told that although previous models had been recalled for this issue, mine wasn't part of that recall. After about twenty minutes of conversation with the service manager, they agreed to get me the recalled part.

*My catalytic converter is a piece of crap. The engine light kept coming on, and I had to pay a deductible to have it diagnosed. The dealership was instructed to reset the light and then fix it if it kept coming on. Guess what? It did.

*The gears slip.

*Sometimes, upon acceleration, my rpm's go off the charts, but the car doesn't move. I've been informed this must just be a "bug". It's not a transmission issue, really.

*Between oil changes, I need to add 2-3 quarts of oil to my car so that it doesn't run out of oil. Chrysler says this is an acceptable burn rate, and no, it's not an engine issue, really.

*The interior lights flicker on and off. The problem, of course, can never be duplicated at a dealership.

*If you crack a window, prepare for the sound effects of a helicopter buzzing next to you. It really is that bad.

*The seals on the doors are cracking, and the noise level in the car is terrible. It sounds like there is constantly a window open.